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Wrongful Death Lawyer

A unique and challenging kind of claim in tort law is the wrongful death claim.  A potential wrongful death claimant should immediately secure an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling wrongful death cases. Wrongful death claims are different than injury claims. Strict time limits apply to wrongful death lawsuits.  Also, special rules and procedures are involved in making wrongful death claims as well as the nature and extent of the damages that can be recovered. Typically, a husband, wife, children and/or parents of the deceased may make a claim. Crews & Pesquera have successfully prosecuted many wrongful death claims.

The following case underscores our competence and experience in the field of wrongful death:

The Estate of Rebecca D. and Gary D. v. Cherokee Trucking and Cardinal Trucking; Gary D. was a husband for 30 years to Rebecca D. his high school sweetheart and mother of his children.  She was tragically crushed and killed by a semi tractor trailer/rock hauler before his eyes.  During the lawsuit, it was determined that the driver of the rock hauler had been operating the vehicle for up to twelve hours and had traveled a great distance. It was also determined that the driver had been speeding for at least 5 miles before the accident and was traveling approximately 75 mph in a 45 mph zone when he apparently fell asleep or suffered highway hypnosis and ran a red light, t-boning the vehicle in which Mrs. D. was driving. The tragedy of this case was not only Gary’s loss of his wife, but that he also saw his wife die.

During the litigation, Crews & Pesquera took the legal position that Gary D. had two causes of action: one for the wrongful death of his wife and another personal action for negligent infliction of emotional distress. Just months before a certain jury trial, the case settled for $2,250,000.00. This settlement has been reported to the Florida Jury Verdict Reporter and is believed to be one of the largest wrongful death settlements of its kind in Putnam County/Palatka Florida.

McClendon v. Medical Transport Company; Mrs. McClendon, a 72 year old passenger in a public medical transport van was tragically killed because the driver was talking on a cell phone and blew a red light in Maitland Fl.  The Reverend Skip McClendon immediately called Crews and Pesquera. A confidential large settlement occurred for the grieving family within just a few months.  Pastor McClendon and his family continue to minister and we, at Crews and Pesquera are blessed in knowing and helping this fine family in their hour of need!