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Florida Theme Park/Tourist Lawyer

Theme park cases present a unique challenge for both the law firm prosecuting them and the injured client.  We have handled as a matter of public records many cases against Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We have also handled cases against Universal Studios of Orlando, Florida and Sea World of Orlando, Florida.

It is often a sad day for the theme park victim when they’re injured while visiting Orlando on vacation.  Our primary concern is that injured theme park clients receive proper medical attention as well as a full discussion of their legal rights against these entities.

We, at Crews & Pesquera have handled many high profile theme park cases in the past and are currently involved with several cases.  Other than what is open for public view at the Orange County Courthouse, Crews & Pesquera is under confidentiality agreements not to discuss theme park settlements.

Our firm has the capacity to obtain the services of a theme park safety consultant located in the Central Florida area on relatively short notice to evaluate theme park cases.  They investigate the accident and substantiate the dangerous condition or negligence.

If you have an injury from a theme park case, contact Crews & Pesquera immediately for a free consultation. We have represented victims of theme park negligence from the United States, Europe, Central and South America. In fact, one of our attorneys traveled to England to pursue justice for an injured British citizen. This case was written up in the Liverpool newspaper The Daily Post.

The following cases illustrate our confidence and experience in handling tourist claims:

In the Estate Of Cole/Babson v. U.S. Rental Car Company, Several British citizens were killed and several children injured in an automobile crash near Walt Disney World of Orlando, Florida.  A pre-suit mediation occurred at the offices of Crews & Pesquera with the national risk manager of the U.S. rental car company where a settlement was reached. The settlement was for the policy limit of $2,750,000.00. The last we heard, the surviving families had purchased a new home in London and the children were back in school doing reasonably well. Substantial monies were set aside for each of the children which will go towards their medical care, health and educational expenses as well as provide support for the family.

At Crews & Pesquera, we always recommend that our clients consider structured settlements in addition to receiving lump sum monies so that families may be adequately cared for over an extended period of time. From a lawyer’s standpoint, there is nothing worse than a substantial settlement occurring which is not managed and preserved. At Crews & Pesquera, we strive to obtain the best possible settlements and to protect families when a tragedy occurs.

In Fagan and Clark v. A Rental Car Company, 2 British citizens on holiday were injured in an automobile accident near Walt Disney World. After returning to the United Kingdom, Mr. Fagan and Mr. Clark both continued to receive medical care and treatment. Our firm arranged for each client to be seen by a private doctor in Liverpool.  One of our attorneys traveled to Liverpool to conduct videotaped depositions of the treating British doctors and a private doctor who performed a medical evaluation. This case was reported in the Liverpool newspaper entitled: “A U.S. Court Fight Hits Town.”  We are happy to report that the case was amicably resolved for a confidential amount.

Dien Le v. Theme Park; Dien Le was a passenger on a water ride. A malfunction in the ride caused a dangerous condition in which our client was injured. The injury resulted in Mr. Le taking a life flight to Shands teaching hospital in Gainesville, Florida where he underwent emergency neck and spine surgery. The client recovered more than a half a million dollars. We, as Florida tourist lawyers, are often asked to help injured tourists obtain justice, as we did with Mr. Le.

Bottoroff v. Water park; A design defect in the construction of the water slide caused our client to skip over the water like a stone and slam into a wall instead of landing in the pool. Our client underwent spinal surgery consisting of a lumbar fusion. Unfortunately, the settlement amount is confidential, but again, it is in the high 6 figures.

Pardoe v. Scherzer; When the father of a British teenager and college student, Victoria Parode, was tragically killed on a motorcycle in Ft. Myers, Florida and after calls to many other attorneys, reached Crews & Pesquera just days before she would have been barred forever from claiming interest in her father’s estate. Miss Pardoe’s step mother took the position that she was entitled to all of the accident insurance money. Attorney Bryan Crews had Miss Pardoe travel from England to Florida and travel with him to Ft. Myers Florida to fight the step mother’s claim. After vigorous cross examination in open court of the step mother, the judge ruled favorably on behalf of Victoria Pardoe. Attorney Bryan Crews told the judge that the step mother’s position was, “just plain wrong and indicative of pure greed”. After the zealous cross examination by Attorney Crews of the step mother, she dropped her claim against the family’s estate in England, which includes the family home left to Victoria and her brother. Although Attorney Bryan Crews did not receive a lot of money for attorneys’ fees, he did this as a father and parent of 4 children.

Florida Tourists Lawyer

Crews & Pesquera has handled many injury cases for tourists in Central Florida, many on behalf of tourists from England/United Kingdom. We have represented tourists from Venezuela and Columbia injured at Walt Disney World; Mexican tourists injured in a semi truck accident; Vietnamese tourists injured at Universal Studios; Chinese tourists injured near Cape Canaveral and Russian tourists injured in an automobile accident.

We have also represented people from Korea and the Carribean Islands, Vietnam, Kuwait and  Egypt.

If you are a tourist who has been injured in Florida, please call us or e-mail us as soon as possible for a free consultation.  Even if you are not sure whether you have a case or not, we may be able to assist you by providing information on local doctors and hospitals. We prefer that you contact us before leaving the States, but even if you have returned to your home, please feel free to contact us.

We are on the British embassy’s approved lawyers list in Orlando.