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Florida Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

A person is injured while shopping, dining or conducting business on the premises of property owned or controlled by another. All too frequently, shoppers slip and fall where the business owner has allowed debris or water to accumulate or where a store employee has mopped the floor and not placed the appropriate wet floor signs.  In other instances, a person may be walking down the stairs of a building when the steps collapse as a result of faulty design, construction, or maintenance.

In general, a property owner has a responsibility to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition and to exercise reasonable care for your safety, which includes a responsibility to warn of a dangerous condition.  We, at Crews & Pesquera are experienced at handling slip and fall cases.  If you have any questions regarding this type of accident, please contact our office.

Below are cases that underscore our competence and experience in handling these types of cases:

In Peggy F. v. Local Grocery Store, a 50 year old manager of a local jewelry store walked into a local supermarket to get just a few items before going home after work. When she walked past the end of the isle, she slipped and fell on a liquid substance. At the time of the fall, there were three employees, including the manager, within five feet of her who failed to clean up the liquid in a timely manner or to warn her of this all too frequent dangerous condition. As a result, she suffered serious leg injuries, medical bills and other expenses. Our firm successfully obtained a $400,000.00 settlement that would more than compensate her for her injuries and future medical needs.

In another slip and fall case, Kathleen W. v. Deland Grocery Store, was injured in a Deland supermarket. Kathleen was looking at the signs that hung from the ceiling and looking at the shelves to try to locate the merchandise she was shopping for. When she came around the corner of a display, there was a soapy substance on the linoleum floor. Kathleen suffered a fracture of her ankle which required surgery to insert pins, screws, and plates into her ankle. We successfully settled the case two days prior to trial for $92,500.00.

Hernandez v. A Mall; Our client entered the mall to exchange her telephone at a store.  A Mall employee had mopped the floor and then moved the warning cones to a new area before the floor was dry.  When our client came around the corner she slipped and fell on the wet marble floor.  Her injuries required her to undergo knee and back surgery.  She lost her job as a manager as a result of being unable to return to work full time.  The firm settled this claim for a significant confidential amount that compensated our client for her lost wages, medical bills, future medical cost ,pain and suffering that she endured as a result of this accident.

Eric Doe v. Hotel; Our client was staying at a local hotel when he went into the bathroom in the middle of the night. Water had accumulated on the floor due to a leaky pipe.  He fell in the water significantly injuring his back.  Mr. Doe underwent a lumbar fusion to his back.  The firm obtained a high six figure confidential settlement for Mr. Doe.