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Examples of Injuries we Handle

  1. Quadriplegia/paraplegia: Injuries to the spinal cord that cause complete or total paralysis and require a lifetime of special medical, nursing and home care.
  2. Amputation: Injuries involving the loss of limbs or loss of fingers and toes, usually requiring special prosthetics or special replacement limbs.
  3. Eye Injuries: Injuries to the eye including the cornea or the many layers of the eyes as well as injuries to the muscle groups that control eye movement.
  4. Brain Injury: Injuries to the brain that may cause cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems, including a constellation of symptoms that require special medical analysis, treatment and rehabilitation.
  5. Head Injuries: Injuries to the head which may or may not include traumatic brain injuries/closed head injuries, but may involve cranial nerve injuries or other injuries to systems located in the head.
  6. Bone/Joint Injuries: Injuries to the bones and/or joints in the body such as the ankle, knee, elbow and other connecting bones.
  7. Neck and back Injuries: Injuries to the neck and back that may include spinal cord injury, herniated disk, ligament or muscle damage.
  8. Severe Burns: Injuries from fire, electrical contact, chemicals, air bags and other sources.

We at Crews & Pesquera understand the personal hardships of individuals with serious personal injuries and the affect on families and loved ones.  After so many cases over so many years, we have seen it all, yet are still touched by the suffering of accident victims.  We know we can help.