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Florida Pedestrians Accident Lawyer

Among the most serious traffic incidents are those involving pedestrians. Lacking any protection whatsoever, a pedestrian is completely vulnerable to serious injuries when struck by a moving vehicle. Even a relatively slow-moving vehicle can cause fractures and other major injuries to a pedestrian due to the significant momentum of the vehicle’s mass and the hardness of the vehicle’s outside surfaces in comparison to human flesh. Leg fractures are particularly common due to the position of car bumpers at the moment of impact.

Here are some examples of our pedestrian cases that underscore our competence and experience in the area.

Orlando Bula v. Federal Express and UPS; Our client was on the job unloading a UPS truck that was parked directly in front of a Federal Express truck.  The Federal Express truck was struck by a speeding motorist sending it rolling forward into our client resulting in his pelvis and mid section being crushed between the two trucks.  A substantial settlement was made on his behalf.

Agustin Colon v. Doe; Mr. Colon was crossing the intersection of  State roads 50 and 551.  Mr. Colon had the right of way to cross.He was three quarters of the way across and in a well lit area when he was struck by a vehicle.  Crews and Pesquera hired an accident reconstructionist who proved that the driver of the vehicle was negligent.  It was further proven that the driver had ample time to change lanes and avoid striking Mr. Colon.  Mr. Colon suffered extensive injuries and underwent multiple surgeries.  The firm was able to recover the policy limits of coverage for Mr. Colon.

Dietrick v. Auto Auction Company; Recently, Crews and Pesquera obtained a successful trial verdict of 436,000.00 for a pedestrian injured at a car auction facility.  Our client required spinal surgery. The defense contended that the accident was all our client’s fault and only offered $3000.00 before trial. Our client was extremely happy with the result and is now back working full time.