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Florida Motorcycle Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are becoming increasingly common as our roadways become more congested and drivers have more distractions than ever. These types of accidents can cause serious permanent injuries and financial hardships affecting the victims and their families.

Motorcycles are Often Overlooked!

While motorcycles are less than 2% of all registered vehicles in the United States, motorcyclists account for 8% of all traffic deaths. Florida has the highest motorcycle accident injuries and deaths of any other state.  A frequent cause of motorcycle accidents is the driver’s failure to see and/or recognize motorcycles in traffic.  In two-thirds of those accidents, the other vehicle violated the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.

Here are some of the motorcycle injury cases that we have handled which underscore our competence and experience in the area:

John Wythe v. Rental Car Company; A 32-year-old motorcycle operator was involved in a tragic accident when another vehicle turned in front of him, resulting in severe damage to his left leg. Due to his injury, our client needed specialized training to establish a new career in computer technology because he was unable to continue in his manufacturing job. After having him properly evaluated by a vocational/work expert and doctors who specialize in amputation injuries, we were able to successfully resolve his case for approximately $525,000.00. John moved back to Ohio where he was able to begin a new career.  He bought and paid for a house in full and has money remaining for future medical care.

Jerry Huff v. A Trucking Company; In this case, a military veteran was killed when a semi backed up rapidly and ran over Jerry Huff on his motorcycle. We were able to obtain a settlement of Policy Limits of $975,000.00 for his widow and teenaged daughter to compensate the family for their losses and provide money to maintain the family’s home and cover expenses. This case was received the day of the accident and attorney Bryan W. Crews and investigators were able to preserve valuable evidence to contradict the trucker’s position that Jerry rear-ended his semi trailer.

Hiram Rosado v. Nationwide Insurance Co., Allstate Insurance Co., and Cooperativa de Seguros Multiples de Puerto Rico; Mr. Rosado was struck by a negligent driver while on his motorcycle. He suffered from multiple injuries including fractured pelvic bone, a ruptured bladder and broken ribs. The firm was able to collect from three different Insurance policies for the full amount of coverage in each policy.

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