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Automobile Accidents

Unfortunately auto accidents are becoming extremely common as drivers are becoming more distracted and paying less attention while driving a car.  This can have serious effects on victims leaving some seriously injured or permanently hurt and financially destroyed.  At Crews & Pesquera, each auto accident case will be handled by an experienced lawyer with a full staff of secretaries and paralegals.

Consult with an attorney right away!

Please consult with us immediately as soon after an accident as possible. In most cases, we can quickly help recover most of your lost wages, medical bills, and other related costs.  We can assist you in dealing with your own auto insurance company in making any claims as well as handling your case against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.   Crews & Pesquera are extremely proud of the results we have obtained for our automobile accident clients.

John Wythe v. Rental Car Company; A 32-year-old motorcycle operator was involved in a tragic accident when another vehicle turned in front of him, resulting in severe damage to his left leg. Due to his injury, our client needed specialized training to establish a new career in computer technology because he was unable to continue in his manufacturing job. After having him properly evaluated by a vocational/work expert and doctors who specialize in amputation injuries, we were able to successfully resolve his case for approximately $525,000.00. John moved back to Ohio where he was able to begin a new career.  He bought and paid for a house in full and has money remaining for future possible medical care.

Jerry Huff v. A Trucking Company; In this case, a military veteran was killed when a semi backed up rapidly and ran over Jerry Huff on his motorcycle. We were able to obtain a settlement of Policy Limits of $975,000.00 for his widow and teenaged daughter to compensate the family for their losses and provide money to maintain the family’s home and cover expenses. This case was received the day of the accident and attorney Bryan W. Crews and investigators were able to preserve valuable evidence to contradict the trucker’s position that Jerry rear-ended his semi trailer.

Orlando Bula v. Federal Express and UPS; Our client was on the job unloading a UPS truck that was parked directly in front of a Federal Express truck.  The Federal Express truck was struck by a speeding motorist sending it rolling forward into our client resulting in his pelvis and mid section being crushed between the two trucks.  A substantial settlement was made on his behalf.

Estate of Carolyn M. v. Horizon Freight System; Carolyn was the divorced mother of 2 teenaged children and was tragically crushed and killed by a semi tractor-trailer on I-95. During the lawsuit, our investigation revealed that the driver of the semi left North Carolina the day before this tragic accident and had not slept for at least 18 hours. This case settled at mediation for a confidential amount that will ensure that her family is taken care of and also ensure that college funds will be available for the children.

The Estate of Rebecca D. and Gary D. v. Cherokee Trucking and Cardinal Trucking; Gary D. was a husband for 30 years to Rebecca D. his high school sweetheart and mother of his children.  She was tragically crushed and killed by a semi tractor trailer/rock hauler before his eyes.  During the lawsuit, it was determined that the driver of the rock hauler had been operating the vehicle for up to twelve hours and had traveled a great distance. It was also determined that the driver had been speeding for at least 5 miles before the accident and was traveling approximately 75 mph in a 45 mph zone when he apparently fell asleep or suffered highway hypnosis and ran a red light, t-boning the vehicle in which Mrs. D. was driving. The tragedy of this case was not only Gary’s loss of his wife, but that he also saw his wife die.

During the litigation, Crews & Pesquera took the legal position that Gary D. had two causes of action: one for the wrongful death of his wife and another personal action for negligent infliction of emotional distress. Just months before a certain jury trial, the case settled for $2,250,000.00. This settlement has been reported to the Florida Jury Verdict Reporter and is believed to be one of the largest wrongful death settlements of its kind in Putnam County/Palatka Florida.

Stanton Gaskin v. Two Insurance Companies; Mr. Gaskin was riding in a relative’s truck when it was negligently hit by a motorist  who violated their right of way.  Mr. Gaskin suffered injuries to his arm, low back and wrist.  Crews and Pesquera recovered the insurance benefits from both Mr. Gaskin’s uninsured motorist policy and his relative’s uninsured motorist coverage which afforded him compensation for his lost wages and medical care.

Breig v.  Anonymous; Our client was struck at a high rate of speed when an undercover police officer lost control of his vehicle during a high speed chase and sting operation.  Our client suffered spinal injuries resulting in surgery which forced him to change his occupation.  We recovered over $500,000.00 for his lost wages and medical care.  He used this money to start a new business that would accommodate his injuries.

Cappello v. Insurance Company; When a man from Taos, New Mexico was injured in an auto accident in Florida, resulting in mild traumatic brain damage, he called Crews and Pesquera   because of our extensive experience litigating these types of cases. After several years litigating this case, our client received a settlement which he is using to start a new business. Our client said “Thank you Crews and Pesquera and staff for not giving up and for your help!”

Other Automobile Accident Verdicts