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<!–:en–>May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!<!–:–>

Posted On: 2013-05-02

Due to the high number of motorcycle cases we handle each year, Bryan W. Crews, Esq. & Ricardo Pesquera, Esq. want to inform everyone of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As motorcycle attorneys, Mr. Crews & Mr. Pesquera want everyone to be as educated as possible about motorcycle safety because we all deserve safe roads.

Drivers should always follow these simple rules when sharing the road with motorcycles, especially here in Florida.

*Always check your blind spots for motorcycles when changing lanes.

*Since motorcycle speeds are difficult for automobile drivers to judge, please remember a motorcycle can appear to be further away than it acutally is.

*Because motorcycle signals are not self-canceling, if a motorcycle has its turn signal on that doesn”t necessarily mean there is online slots an immediate intention to turn or change lanes.

*Motorcycles have a right to the entire online pokies lane in which they are traveling. It is not uncommon to frequently move within the lane due to road debris, adjacent vehicles, curves and undulations of the road, and many other factors.

*Drivers of automobiles and trucks must always give enough distance when following a motorcycle. It is a common misconception that motorcycles can “stop on a dime.”

If we all operate within the rules of the road, we can all share the roads safely and securely.

 Enjoy Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!