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Posted On: 2012-07-16

Building on nearly three decades worth of personal injury trail experience, Bryan W. Crews, Esq., is proud to announce the results of his three latest motorcycle accident cases. All cases are bound by a confidentiality agreement guarding the identity of the party but Mr. Crews is able to publish the results he achieved for each client. 

Our first client was a 27-year old active duty service member that was on leave visiting friends in Florida. While operating his motorcycle safely and legally, our client was struck by a vehicle that crossed a double yellow line, infringing on our client”s right of way, and violently struck the combat veteran. Our client was rushed to a trauma center where he was treated for injuries including, but not limited to, a closed head injury, collapsed lung, shattered right wrist, and a fractured nose. Our client underwent multiple surgeries despite having breathing tubes in both lungs at one time. Mr. Crews successfully represented the young man”s interests and secured the maximum policy limits of $250,000.00! Happy with his representation, our client is now nearly fully recovered and attempting to be reinstated to active duty with the Army. Mr. Crews found it a pleasure to represent the young man and remarked it was his honor to represent Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez speaks to the media about the arrest of justin bieber pictures . one of America”s selfless young heroes.

Our second client was a gentleman in his early 50″s who was operating his motorcycle when he was negligently struck by a vehicle. Our client was forced to spend over three weeks in a trauma unit due to injuries arising from this accident. Through no fault of his own, our client sustained a near complete tear of the ACL, a right sacral fracture, bilateral shoulder injury, and multiple contusions and abrasions. These significant injuries required casino online multiple surgeries- both emergent and pre-planned. Mr. Crews demand his client receive full policy limits of $500,000.00 and the demand was met without resistance. Our client thanked Mr. Crews profusely because the injuries and needless pain and suffering were represented fully and faithfully by Mr. Crews and his staff.

The final and most recent recovery for a client concerneda young man in South Florida. While riding his bike on I-95, our client was bumped by a driver operating a taxi cab. Our client sustained multiple injuries one would expect from high speed crash. He had a fracture of his foot, ankle sprain, multiple abrasions and contusions to his hands, feet, and legs, all of which required treatment at a Palm Beach county trauma center. Luckily, none of these injuries were life-threatening and our client has already made a full recovery. Mr. Crews was able to attain the full fair market value for the totalled bike and was able to attain the policy limits of $25,000.00. The client, now recovered, happy, and healthy, thanked Mr. Crews for quick resolution to his case.