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Posted On: 2012-05-29

Disclaimer: Due to confidentiality agreed to by both our clients and the defendants, all parties will herein remain nameless.


One of the hardest parts of Mr. Crews”s business is sitting across the table from a family when their loved one has been needlessly taken due to a corporation”s negligence. Bryan W. Crews”s most recent multi-million dollar settlement was one of these bittersweet moments that no one wishes had come to pass. The facts of this tragic case began when our client was driving home from his overnight shift to get his 3 children ready and off to school. While the deceased was operating his vehicle safely, a semi-tractor trailer pulled out into oncoming traffic, blocked north and southbound lanes of a major highway in rural central Florida, and violated our client”s right-of-way. Unfortunately, our client was unable to avoid the collision and lost his life. The Crews investigative team of trial professionals and auto accident experts were immediately called in to represent the family of the dead father of three casino online girls. Through hard work, earnest representation, casino online and a heavy heart as the father of four, Mr. Crews attained millions of dollars in lifetime compensation for this grievous and unnecessary loss.


Though no amount of money will return the deceased to his children, the family was extremely pleased to know and experience the devotion of cause and aggressive representation provided by Crews & Pesquera, P.A. Mr. Crews hopes you never have to be in the position in which this family found themselves, but if you do, always know that wrongful death cases arising from the negligence of commercial or private vehicles are handled with decades of experience and  great care by Mr. Crews. Also, remember that no one will work harder to attain fair and just compensation for your own personal loss.