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<!–:en–>Ricardo R. Pesquera, Esq. Awarded The Don Quijote Lifetime Achievement Award<!–:–>

Posted On: 2011-03-07

Ricardo R. Pesquera, who was instrumental as a community advocate in establishing the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando that exists today, was awarded the Don Quijote Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Olrando for his professional excellence and involvement with the Hispanic community in Central Florida.
Chamber and HBIF officials said Pesquera’s nomination surfaced as a winner because he has a long history of seeking unity and giving of his time to support community organizations — most notably his establishment in the early 1990s of a Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce that merged with a Latin Chamber of Commerce to create the united Hispanic Chamber that honored him. He has also volunteered with the Hispanic casino online Bar Association of Central Florida, of which he was President in the year 2000.
At the Awards event, Ricardo & Janet Pesquera had the opportunity to share this honor with over 900 people that attended this black-tie event, including elected officials and distinguished members of the Hispanic community.
In regard to his award Mr. Pesquera boldly stated, “Though some see an award like this as the pinnacle achievement of a lifetime spent advocating on behalf of our community, I view the Don Quijote Lifetime Achievement Award as an inspiration to never stop fighting for the issues that affect all of our families.”